The names of Baiona and Baíña come from the same root. A number of theories did arise along history (i.e. Bachelor Molina's, in 1550 "That village called Bayona was formerly named Boyana because it portraits an ox (boi) on its coat of arms. Latter on the word was mispronounced and it became Bayona, from "baya", which means the best beach near a river"). None of them is worth reliability.

The parish of Baiona comprises the most interesting works of art, and social and tourist facilities in the council. Going through these pages, you will find information about each of them: the Monterreal fortress, churches and temples, natural resources, leisure and holiday resorts and, above all, appealing traces of a turbulent past.

Centres of population: A Anunciada, Baiona, Covaterreña, Loureiral, Percibilleira and San Antón.

Patroness: The Annunciation and St. James' Day.

The Holy Virgin Carmen, St. Liberata, Our Lady of the Rock and St. Cosme and St. Damian are also worshipped with fervour in the town.


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