Seafront, Promenades and Parks

Parques e paseos

Whether in the marine background or in A Grob a mountain chain, Baiona has wide leisure areas. The most visited are the seaside promenades, que suman una extensión de 5 kilómetros peatonales acondicionados, paseos que unen A Ramallosa y Santa Marta con el puerto pesquero. Wide-pavement marine avenues such as Elduayen or Alférez Barreiro, or promenades such as Pinzón, Ribeira and Monte Boi, invite to the calmness of walking by the sea.

Parks on the way up to A Groba are also peaceful background. In the surrounding area of Our Lady of the Rock , we find the park Mercedes Escalera, a 15,000-m2 natural resort with picnic area and rustic stone furniture. Once in the top, in O Cortelliño, Chan da Lagoa and Chan da Arquiña miradors, you join the fresh plants and wild horses and cows running in the hillsides and you suddenly feel the need to stop and delight with the sight of the ria and the other Rias Baixas.