Santa Cristina da Ramallosa

Sta. Cristina

It formerly belonged to the neighbouring parish Borreiros (Gondomar). The artistic jewel of the parish is the Romanesque Bridge in A Ramallosa, boundary between Baiona and Nigrán. The 10-semicircular-arch bridge presents right in the middle a beautiful cross (probably dating back from the 15th or 16th centuries) with an ancient chest to honour All Saints at its base. A fertility rite used to be held by this cross at the shore of the river Miñor not a long time ago.

This parish is washed by the river Miñor, which runs through it till its mouth in the ria of Baiona. That final distance left between the arches and the sea creates a splendid estuary with rush beds where herons and other marine birds live. By the end of the estuary we find A Ladeira beach, the longest and, of course, most crowded in the town.

Santa Cristina is also an important shopping area. In Sabarís, all along the regional road C-550 which goes to the town centre, a street market is held every Monday morning -a tradition lasting for more than a century: An endless line of stands and stalls where you can find anything. Next to the road the church stands: a modern building because Santa Cristina was not established as a parish until a few decades ago. Notwithstanding, the temple, characterised by its long and sharp bell tower, still has a porch which once belonged to the ancient Roman chapel.

Centres of population: Area, Bouzós, Caeiro, Cruceiro, Devesa, Ladeira, Morade, Outeiro, Ponte, Ponte Nova, Ramallosa, Riveira, Sabarís, Serralleira, Sopegal, Viso de Calvos and Xuncal.

Patroness: St. Cristina (July 24th).

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