Diego de Muros annexed Belesar to the collegiate church of Baiona in 1482. Before that moment it belonged to the monastery of Oia domains. Its name is supposed to come from Belisarius.

Belesar is known as "the balcony of the valley Miñor": The Rias Baixas can not be better observed than from the mirador in O Cortelliño, in A Groba sierra.

The most valuable gift in the parish probably is the country environment of A Groba, crossed by a river and a forest. A scenery over which the sounds of Nature and different animals and plants reign. Cobbled and trekking paths bordered by different plants, groups of nearly wild cows and horses running free in the sierra sides... Within this natural environment, the highest area in the council (632 m.) a number of prehistoric remains (Bronze Age stone carving) are kept and singposted.

If you are "gourmet", in Belesar there are several restaurants where you can have 1st class Galician meat, normally cooked on the grill.

Centres of population: Estivada, Granxa, Medialdea and Urgal

Patron Saint: San Lorenzo.

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