Baredo became independent parish in 1810 thanks to García de Benito's, bishop of Tui, decision. Until that moment it belonged, as the other parishes since Alfonso VII's donation in the 12th century, to the monastery of Oia.

Baredo prides itself of its country environment with cobbled paths and typical rustic manors and houses in perfect conditions. In its rocky coastline local shellfisherpeople get maybe the best goose barnacles in Galicia, and delicious rocky fishes like the sargo. Within its domains the Silleiro Lighthouse stands, still guiding ships passing by the coast.

Centres of population: Agro, Bouza, Cadeiras, Cancelo, Caneiro, Carballo, Lombo, Portelos, Ponte, Río, Rocamar and Torre.

Patroness: The Holy Virgin Cela.

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