Celtic bowling league

Bolos celtas

The Celtic bowling is probably the most ancient sport played in the region -already known two centuries ago. Although official league nowadays is ruled by the Galician Celtic Bowling Federation, traditional competitions where a sheep or similar was the prize are still held. League games take place on Saturday evening and sheep-contests normally occur on Sunday morning.

Rules of the game

The bowling ground is a fan-shaped soil area where 18 boxwood conical bowls are set aligned on a stone band. A boxwood ball is thrown into the air -not skimming the ground- and the goal is to knock down the 18 bowls. Each player is 7.5 metres away from the stone band, which is 21 metres away from the scoring line. Bowls are a few centimetres apart. Bowls are 18 cm. tall and 5 cm. wide; they weigh 250 grams. The ball, a 60-cm.-lenght, weighs 2.5 kilograms.

The game can be played one-by-one, two-by-two or in three+reserve-player teams, each player having 3 non-consecutive goes. A bowl passing by the scoring line means 10 points or bowls, knocked-down bowls score just 1; the best score wins. Each game comprises two 5-match rounds, being the highest scorer the winning team. Winning a match means 3 points, a draw scores 1and loosing does not score.