Surrounding area


Baiona is a stone's throw away from everywhere and highway linked with main places in Galicia. Nearest spots are America beach (4 km), Panxón (6 km) -fisher town with a beautiful Votive Temple- and Oia (15 km), with its splendid 12th-century Cistercian monastery with Baroque façade.

Vigo i the main city in the province and it is only 22 km. away from Baiona. Busy Service City, with an important port not to miss. O Berbés, the fishery area, is worth a visit as well; you can taste our famous oysters there. In Vigo you can also visit wide shopping areas and show and leisure halls. The city is also well known  thanks to its football team, Celta de Vigo.

You can visit the Cíes Island in Easter, spring and summer, from Baiona, Vigo and Cangas.

Going to the South by a coast road with amazing views to the open sea you can visit O Rosal (with a beautiful mills path) and A Guarda (30 km). The Celtic settlement in Santa Tecla hill is worth a visit. From the summit a wonderful view over Portugal and the mouth of the river Miño, the largest in Galicia, can be admired.

Let us go to the East now and will reach (25 km), Historic and Artistic Interest Town, mainly thanks to its 12th-century cathedral and other religious buildings. Just crossing the International Bridge you will be in Northern Portugal, a region quite similar to Galicia with many interesting places.


The capital city in the province, Pontevedra, is 50 km. away. The town has developed deeply marked by its localisation and noble background, traces of which can still be seen: everywhere you can find 18-century palaces and squares, arcades and different style temples. Being the capital city, Pontevedra is the shopping core in the neighbouring area. Apart from that, the university and the functionary statement create a lively and cosmopolitan town. The Province Museum shows the development of Galician art.

Poio, Combarro and Salnés area is situated close to Pontevedra city.