Galician cuisine

Vieiras e bo viño

Galician cuisine's prestige, with no doubt and from time immemorial, has been based on its excellent products: magnificent meats, wonderful fruits and vegetables, and splendid fish and shellfish. And this is precisely the outstanding feature of our cuisine abroad.

So this a perfect place for gourmets who really appreciate good wines, as we proudly boast five Appellation d'Origine which ensure the variety and quality of our wines: Monterrei, Rías Baixas (one of its five sub-areas, O Rosal, borders on Baiona), Ribeira Sacra, Ribeiro and Valdeorras.

The 16 Regulatory Councils for Appellation d'Origine protect some of the main ingredients of Galician diet. The products are granted a genuine quality label recognised by the EN 45011standard of the European Union. The label means the product meets requirements about traditional and careful making and avoidance of fast production. Apart from above mentioned wines, farming products supported by the Regulatory Council for Environment-friendly Farming are worth a mention: honey, mussels, pork, grape marc, different kinds of cheese and Galician beef.

Galician cuisine is characterised by traditional simple dishes. Even though restaurants have recently been innovating, product quality has always been enough for a delicious dish. This is the secret of Galician cuisine, which you will taste in our restaurants, inns and taverns.