The Holy Mercy Chapel heritage

Altar maior iglesia

Until 1656 the Chapel was inside the wall of the Monterreal Fortress. It was then rebuilt where it now stands, in the old quarters. In 1993 the Chapel was declared "Historically and Artistically Interesting Monument".

Rectangular-based and simple and austere looking, the chapel is a strong building with a pair of buttresses at each side. The Chapel shelters an important artistic heritage in the inside which belongs to the Santa Casa de Paz y Misericordia Brotherhood: a Baroque big altarpiece and two side altarpieces from the same age. The big altarpiece exhibits a 16th-century painting and a huge Jesus Christ in a hollow cross. The cross is said to have come from Mexico full of gold coins in times when gold trading from America was forbidden. Local emigrants living in Mexico sent the money to support the chapel reconstruction.

Inside the Chapel several images are kept: Jesus Christ with the Lamps, Jesus Christ of the Caniña, portraying the Ecce Homo, the Dolorous Madonna, St. James the Greater in His horse, St. Isabel and St. Lucia, Jesus Christ Our Lord of Gold or the Immaculate Conception.