The Arrival medieval festival

Edificio escola deportiva

In the year 1974, March 1st -commemorative day of the arrival of Caravel Pinta with news about the discovery of America- was established as local public holiday.

That weekend the old quarters and its neighbouring area become a medieval fair where 15th-cententury-resembling crafts and products are sold. Streets are crowded with street musicians, minstrels, jugglers, and craftsmen bringing back to life the Middle Ages in Baiona. Besides, on Saturday and Sunday evenings a play based on Martin Alonso Pinzón and his crew's story about the Deed is acted. The plot is placed in Baiona, March 1st, 1493 and main roles are Pinzón and the Mayor.

During the Festival, major personalities or organisations that have played an important cultural role related to emigration are granted the Gold Medal of the Royal Village of Baiona. The commemorative acts also include an official ceremony with representatives from our twin towns Palos de la Frontera, Santa Fe de Granada and Pornic.

How to get to Baiona.

 "Fiesta de la Arribada" will be celebrated from 1 to 3 March 2024.