Fountain of O Pombal

N 42º 6' 33.7746"
W 8º 49' 57.1974"

Fonte do Pombal

Found and named after a suburb called O Pombal, on the way O Burgo-Sabarís. The stone-made fountain is hidden under a built-in arch in a wall facing the Royal Way or Roman way. Its presents Gothic features and its builder is believed to be the same as the one of the Holy Trinity Cross. The front shows three coats of arms: in the middle, the Spanish Royal Family arms (16th century), on the left, Baiona, and on the right, an unrecognisable crest due to erosion. The fountain has a small chest and a passage locked by means of an iron door, a working jot and two useless ones, a stone bench and a rest. On the left it has a small washing place (about 3 metres long).

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