The fish market

A lonxa

"La Anunciada" Fisherpeople Guild

The fishing port is precisely located right in the middle of the present Seafront. It comprises the fish market and a long pier. Fishing boats are moored at both sides; there is also a floating dock where the Caravel Pinta Museum is waiting for your visit.

La Anunciada Fisherpeople Guild is a profitless popular corporation to which fisherpeople can address matters and questions. It works together with the Administration with the aim of promoting the fishing sector. It also acts on behalf of fisherpeople economic and corporation interest.

Its sphere of duty reaches from Abra beach, in Patos, to Orelludas islands, including also Estelas and Farallóns islands.

  • 26th Alférez Barreiro Av.. 36300-BAIONA.
    Tel: 986 385036 - Fax: 986 355361

The Fish Market

The fish market, where fresh fish and shellfish are auctioned, is in the way in to the fishing port and has recently being inaugurated. On the first floor is where the Guild offices are. The ground floor, where auctions are held, shelters about fifty storing places for fishing tackle and also cold-storage rooms. Bait and ice are sold and produced here.


  • Fishing port. 36300-BAIONA.
    Tel: 986 385 036
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